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mountain highway, Damn The Dream
© S.L.Reay


Damn The Dream

by Sandy Reay

What happens when the Dream holds the dreamer hostage?

Find out in The Pikes Peak Writers' 2022 Anthology Dream


Cover Design by: Josh Clark


Check out Sandy's song, Dreamcatcher, and her poem, My Dream.



Damn the Dream is flash fiction (975 words)

Responses to Damn The Dream

  •    I bought Dream and read your story. Short but ominously unsettling.  I loved the references to your life, your unreliable Triumph and the search for the Saab. So much of you in this.
       We all let fear control and limit our lives and we adjust our lives to control the results. You showed this. Well written, dear Sandy. Thank you for your literary contribution! Congratulations! Continue the good work.
       You make me proud to know a published author!
    — Dolora
  • Good story
    Rona G
  • It's a lovely piece.
    Deb Ewing
  • I really love your finalized story.
    — Ed
  • It's really great.
    — Anita
  • I like the details of the recurring dream. Good job. Compelling.
    — Jim
  • Emotional suspense works well.
    — Roberta
  • The thing I really like about it is this idea of a dream holding one hostage.
    — Ed

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