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Sandy Reay


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Damn The Dream

by Sandy Reay

What happens when The Dream holds the dreamer hostage?

Find out in The Pikes Peak Writers' 2022 Anthology Dream

Cover Design by: Josh Clark

Damn the Dream is flash fiction (975 words)

Responses to Damn The Dream

  • Good story
    Rona G
  • It's a lovely piece.
    Deb Ewing
  • I really love your finalized story.
    — Ed
  • It's really great.
    — Anita
  • I like the details of the recurring dream. Good job. Compelling.
    — Jim
  • Emotional suspense works well.
    — Roberta
  • The thing I really like about it is this idea of a dream holding one hostage.
    — Ed

Check out Sandy's song, Dreamcatcher, and her poem, My Dream.

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