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The Pikes Peak Writers' 2022 Anthology Dream

Dreams. They are manifold - resolving suliminal mysteries and creating chaos. Our dreams are delightful and bold Some are lucid, cyclical, and idealistic. They spawn yearning for our past - and foretell our futures. Do you crave answers or adventure? Join us. Step through the veil. Discover the pimordial wisdom of the universe, and the shadows of our dreams.

"Pikes Peak Writers wins again with this second outstanding collection of short fiction, poetry, and memoirs. Masterful storytelling abounds throughout, from the ethereal to haunting to heartwarming."

"Lou Berger's post-apocalyptic 'The Last Ember Fades' dares to show what most of us would really do if we found we were utterly alone."

"Story after story, this anthology keeps the pages turning. What will the next chapter hold? Will it be a cozy mystery, perhaps a ghost story, or something unexpected? No worries, there is something for every reader in this collection. Well done!"



Jean Alfieri – “She Told you in a Dream”
Steven Anderson – “House of Dreams”
C.E Barnes – “The Jungian Offensive”
Lou Berger – “The Last Ember Fades”
John M. Campbell– “Living the Dream (Except for One Thing)”
John Christenson – “Der Traumlicht”
DJ Davis – “Dream Quota”
Rick Duffy – “The Boundless Dream”
Marlene Fabian-Stiles – “Computer Genie“
Karen Fox – “Seedlings of Reality”
Lawrence Good – “Black Man Running, 1969“
Ronnie Graham – “I Always Wake Up”
Matthew Heneghan – “A Boy Named Ryan”
Scott Kerby – “The Bunker”
T.R. Kerby – “Dream Harvest”
Lauren Lang – “Dream On”
John Lewis – “Sleepstone”
Gregory Mattix – “Dream Eater”
Peter McQuade – “Dreamwater”
Tracy Mitchell – “False Fate“
P. James Norris – “Wind”
Barbara Preslier – “Augmented Dreams”
Uchechi Princewill – “Blanket of Joy”
Sandy Reay – “Damn The Dream
Susan Schoolman – “Dream Crush”
CS Simpson – “Other Lives”
Benjamin X. Wretlind – “Over There”



Edward Raetz
Deborah L Brewer
Kathie Scrimgeour
Jenny Kate

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