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Plot Holes


Time and Passion





by Sandy Reay


Appreciation Meme


Appreciation Meme

My father gave me two precious gifts: the ability to be happy alone and how to solve problems on my own. It's taken years to appreciate them. -sra


What do you appreciate now that didn't when you were younger?
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Plot Holes memes  

Plot Holes Meme

I used to work for the highway department; I can find plot holes. –SRA


Do you like to play with words?
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Procrastination Meme  

Procrastination Meme

I believe I was put here for a reason, and I don't get to go home until I'm done. That's the best reason for procrastination I can invent. – SRA


What is your favorite life advice?
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Time and Passion Meme

My theory: Time expands and contracts inversely based on the passion you have for the activity you are doing. – SRA


What makes you lose track of time?
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Wording meme  

Wording Meme

I just called raisins "ribbons." I don't think I should be wording now. -SRA


What signs tell you that it's time to stop writing?
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