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Sandy Reay


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Sandy Reay, Author

In her late twenties, Sandy woke up one morning and asked herself, "How did I get here?" Nothing was drastically wrong with her life, but nothing was exactly right, either.

She decided that she had made negative choices. Any time she had to choose, she'd chosen Option B because she didn't want Option A. She'd never explored the other letters or numbers.

That day, she promised herself that she would make positive choices and be open to whatever came along. She wanted to reach the end of the road remembering all the adventures. If she had any regrets, they'd be from sins of commission.

Guess what? Opportunities opened up. Sandy reinvented herself many times, from a bored housewife to a career woman, from a house in the city to a horse ranch in the mountains, from an overworked wage slave to owning her own business, from a photographer to a jewelry maker, from a race car driver to a river rat.

And now, thanks to Damn The Dream, she's starting her latest reinvention: from a songwriter to a published author.

It's been a wonderful ride. Welcome aboard. Enjoy the journey.


Many thanks to:

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