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The Sinister Umbrella Experiment

I invited my alpha readers, former critique partners, and people who expressed an interest in this story and/or signed up for my new monthly email to take part in an experiment.

I'm writing a story called The Sinister Umbrella. At the time I started this experiment, three chapters had been through critique sessions and edited. Based on information in a horror/comedy workshop, I rewrote Chapter 1 from a different point of view and attitude.

I wanted to know which version my readers liked best, and why.

I gave them the option to read both, or either one, depending on their time, and comment as much or as little as they wished.

Their responses were overwhelming in favor of the first-person snarky point of view. Experiment done.
12 chapters written (as of March 14) in the new voice.

If you would like to know more about the progress of this novel, check out The Sinister Umbrella.

If you're sorry you missed this experiment and want to get on the alpha reader team,

Sign up for eMail and let me know.