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Original Facebook post from 3 years ago. "Could have been the cold, gray ssnowy day or too many cooking shoes last night. 2 versions of spaghetti squash baked with EVOO & Himalayan salt. Top: Italian spices, garlic, sunflower seeds. Bottom: pumkin pie spices, cayenne pepper, canned pumpkin. Both: ynmmy!
two halves of baked spaghetti squash in baking dishes, showing differrent ingredients.
request for my recipe and comments
more comments on original post
reactions to recipe
reactions to recipe


My Recipe

I've been on a limited diet for ten years. Food is boring. For most of 2020 and 2021, I ate nothing but my own cooking and lost fourteen pounds. I lost interest in food, so I wandered off to write while I was cooking and used the smoke detector as a kitchen timer. Lately, I've learned to save money by forgetting to put food in the pan.

My friends on Facebook were aware of my lack of cooking skills. When I shared a memory of a recipe for two versions of baked spaghetti squash using different spices and ingredients, a friend surprised me when she asked for the recipe.

My admission that I snorted ginger tea out of my nose when a friend asked for the recipe. first 19 steps of recipe
second part of recipe Steps 20 - 25 and comments

  1. Wash squash.
  2. Hack squash into two pieces. Avoid bloodshed if possible.
  3. Wash blood off squash.
  4. Preheat oven to 300-350 [degrees] F.
  5. Wash blood off oven dials and door.
  6. Put on bandages.
  7. Pour EVOO into baking dishes.
  8. Put squash belly up in baking dishes.
  9. Add spices etc. to taste.
  10. Put baking dishes in hot oven.
  11. Run cold water on burned hand.
  12. Shut oven door.
  13. Set timer for an arbitrary number of minutes.
  14. Clean kitchen.
  15. Check timer.
  16. Take a nap. Sleep through timer.
  17. Check squash after smoke detector screams.
  18. Replace batteries in smoke detector.
  19. Cut off burned parts of squash.
  20. Put squash back in the oven until done. Fork should pierce the skin. The squash's skin, not yours.
  21. Put on bandages.
  22. Take squash out of oven.
  23. Run other burned hand under cold water.
  24. Replace soggy bandages.
  25. Taste squash. Add more salt.


Sandy: Deb, instructions? LIke, a recipe? TF?

Stacy: (Facebook avatar) HA HA HA HA

Deb: Oh, it's going in the book.

Sandy: Ima get published (3 celebratory horns 3 hearts, 3 music emojis alternating with 3 laughing tears emojis)

Deb: It's perfect. Thank you :) maybe Michael can give us instructions on the blooded corn for a side.

Barbara: You forgot "add bacon and cheese to chopped, bloody squash" - it is especially good (the bacon and cheese part) on acorn squash

Sandy: I don't eat bacon or cheese

Barbara Ah. Then don't put those in.

Michael: there's blood on the driveway, blood on the snow,
and a salted raptor would be my bet
(Image of blood and bird impression in the snow)

Barbara: Did s/he eat the hand or the squash?

Deb: whoa. saving this in case it nees to be painted. thanks/you're welcome.